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Where are you located ?

Our offices are located in Trenton New Jersey, USA.

Where do your products originate from ?

We offer high quality generics from India.

How long do you take to deliver? How are your products delivered ?

We guarantee delivery in 10-21 business days from date of shipment. All products are shipped via the USPS in discrete packaging. All packages require a signature

How do you guarantee your products ?

We guarantee the quality and delivery of all our products. We also guarantee your satisfaction - if for whatever reason you're unhappy with the product please contact us and we'll do our best to make it right.

What are your hours of operation ?

We're here Mon-Sat, 9AM - 5PM Eastern Time

Will I be able to track my package ?

Yes, all packages can be tracked - either by the USPS for US customers or through ParcelForce by our customers in the UK

What is your phone number ?

1-888-281-8194 from the US, or 0800-249-4261 from the UK. We are available 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. If you call outside of business hours please leave us a detailed message including your full First and Last name, OrderNumber (if you have one.), and the nature of your question. We will call you back the following business day.

Is this legal ?

You're allowed to have up to three months of a medication you've been prescribed by adoctor for personal use.

Do you require a prescription for an order ?

We do not ask to see your prescription, however, we do recommend you only take medication under the supervision of a doctor.

How much can I order at one time ?

You're allowed to have up to three months of medication at one time, for personal use.

Do you carry anything not listed on your website ?

All our products are listed on the website. We do not have hidden products. If a product does not show on the website that is because it is not available.

Do you provide bulk orders ?

Unfortunately,no. We only provide medication to individuals for personal use.

How much is shipping ?

Shipping is a flat rate of $25 per item

Is it safe ?

Our medication is cleared by the Indian equivalent  to the FDA. You can trust the medication is safe for you to take.

What happens if I don't receive my product ?

Should you not receive your package in the guaranteed time we recommend you contact us immediately to discuss your options. We typically will reship your package free of charge should it appear lost, or stuck somewhere in the shipping process.Should a product look as if it will appear late, but still arrive we will gladly add a bonus to your next order for the inconvenience.

Are you hiring affiliates ?

We're always on the lookout for high quality affiliates. Please follow this link: 

Why does this medication look different from what I get from my local pharmacy ?

Our products are generics. Generics may be a different color, a different shape, or even both. This is not abnormal. If you have any questions regarding a product you've received, please contact us by phone.
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